Dental Fillings NewbridgeSilver/White Fillings
Over the years, white fillings (composite resins) have become hugely popular, mostly due to the ability to restore teeth back to their natural appearance. However there is still a role for the traditional silver (amalgam) fillings as in some situations the white fillings are not appropriate. We will guide you on the merits of each type and you then can be best informed on which you would prefer.

In general these are the advantages and disadvantages of both:
1. Composites have excellent appearance.
2. Composites can bond to tooth directly so can in some cases support the remaining teeth better. But amalgam can sometimes be stronger in other situations especially in areas of heavy chewing.
3. Composites are mercury free which some view amalgam fillings toxic due to the mercury content. Scientific debate still hasn't shown conclusively that mercury in amalgam is a risk to overall health.
4. Composites are more expensive as are more time consuming and have an increased cost of materials.
5. Composites are very technique-sensitive and in some cases, eg difficult access, a lot of saliva, amalgam is the preferred choice as is more reliable restoration.