Root Canal Treatment NewbridgeRoot Canal Treatment
In the past you would probably lose a tooth if the tooth became abscessed. Today, this tooth can be treated by a procedure called Root Canal Treatment (RCT).

Over the years, RCT had become synonymous with serious pain, but now with new technology, this procedure can be virtually pain-free. And once RCT is complete, it is likely that you'll be free of pain afterwards.

RCTs are needed when a dental infection reaches the nerve of the tooth and this kills the nerve causing the tooth to die. If you are in need of RCT, you may be having trouble eating/sleeping and you any even have swelling/tenderness in the gums. While toothache remedies and/or antibiotics may relive your pain, they won't fix your problem.

To keep you comfortable, you'll receive an injection of local anaesthesia – usually the most painful part of the RCT. Once the area is numb, your dentist will remove the infected nerve tissue and clean the root (this is done initially by the drill, but for the most part it is done by hand). Once clean and sterile, the root is filled and sealed. You may experience some sensitivity for a few days after especially in the area of the abscess above the root tip. If you have any concerns after RCT, it is important to contact your dentist immediately.

Often these teeth need to be crowned afterwards to give these teeth extra protection. In cases of the back teeth, to remove all the nerves can be very difficult. In such cases we refer these cases to our specialist colleagues to give you the optimal treatment.