Newbridge OrthodonticsOrthodontics
Orthodontics involves preventing and/or correcting any misaligned teeth to give a beautiful smile and a stable bite. But it also is concerned regarding the growth of the face.

The main reasons for orthodontics are for aesthetics but also to facilitate easy cleaning of teeth and prevention of gum disease and to align the teeth correctly to give a stable bite for chewing. Regular check-ups of your kids can detect early small dental anomalies which if treated can minimize the need for lengthy and more difficult treatment later.

Treatment in the teens is most favourable than waiting till adulthood as the treatment is often quicker and more stable, appliances are better tolerated, and most importantly, growth can be utilized to create change.

Orthodontics is still an option for many adults who are unhappy with their smile. The huge advantages of this treatment options are
Most natural result
No maintenance (unlike crowns/bridges that need to be replaced)
Teeth are in best position making them easier to clean and less prone to fracture.

For those who dislike the idea of wearing the visible braces, more aesthetic options are available. We have access to a range of specialists in various locations in Kildare that we can refer you to with absolute confidence.