Teeth Whitening KildareTeeth whitening
This is a simple, safe and effective way to enhance your smile. It does not harm the teeth or gums. It simply removes all the stains from your teeth so that they are as white as they naturally are. It can be done as a single visit or as a take-home method with custom-made trays. Your dentist can discuss the pros/cons of each option and select the method best suited to your needs.

If considering whitening your teeth, chat to your dentist as the sequence of treatment is important to maximise the brightness of your smile. Tooth whitening will not work through plaque/tartar, so you're best getting your teeth cleaned first. Also fillings, veneers, and crowns/bridges will not get whiter. How long it will last will depend on your diet. The main staining foods are soft drinks, coffee, tea, wine, smoking and certain foods such as curries. How long it lasts will depend on your diet, you may need to touch up every so often to maintain your smile.