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When you have missing teeth it is important to replace them. Even though you can still chew your food and are not worried about how it affects your smile, changes are happening. Teeth are under constant pressure to move into spaces left behind by the lost tooth. This can destabilize your bite. Dentures are a removable option to replacing missing teeth and are particularly favourable if you have multiple missing spaces. They can be made from all plastic (acrylic) or a mix of plastic and metal (Chrome-Cobalt). We can discuss which would be best suited for you.

It involves up to 4/5 short visits of impressions, bite registration, try-ins and final fit and adjustment visits after fitting. In cases of front teeth, dentures can often be made prior to extraction thus keeping your smile intact.

Denture Hygiene: Always take your denture out at night (or a couple of hours each day). This gives your mouth a chance to breathe and your denture a good soak. General rule is: Brush, Soak, Brush. (Brush away debris, soak in denture cleaner and re-brush again). Keep separate brush for denture. Good idea to do this over a sink/bowl to prevent them from breaking if they fall.